VESSELS OF HOPE IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION and the charity arm of HOPE NOW TV and Conferences with Ruckey Peniel. Hope Now is a platform where issues facing relationships are discussed in an open and non-judgmental manner thereby providing hope and healing for our times …
…HOPE NOW through VESSELS  OF HOPE is working to empower the hopeless and less privileged in their communities. Vessels of Hope aims to bring hope to the hopeless.


VOH was conceived by Ruckey Peniel Oluwajuwon after having observed the incredible challenges facing the less privileged and victims of human trafficking whom she had represented while working with Fiz, as a legal counselor and translator in Switzerland. Vessels of Hope is pioneering and funding projects aimed at liberation and economic empowerment In Nigeria, Uganda, India and Switzerland


HOPE NOW TV and CONFERENCES : this is a Social enterprise which provides a wide reaching platform where real  issues facing relationships are discussed in an open and non-judgmental manner thereby giving hope, acceptance for those hurting as a result of dysfunctional relationships and providing healing for our times .

Hope on the Streets (HOTS): Rescuing child workers on the roads of Africa, with a current focus on Nigerian cities and providing shelter for the street kids in underprivileged nations of the world especially Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and southern America.

Water Relief: The availability of clean portable water is a growing concern in certain regions of the world. As a result, widespread diseases are marks of these regions. It is an aim of Vessels of Hope to supply clean waters by sponsoring projects to enable the availability of clean and fresh water especially to the rural areas.

Feeding Programs: A weekly feeding program of supplying hot meals to the homeless and hopeless will be provided. This is done through Hope Now India and Hope Now Nigeria.


  • Donate to Vessels of Hope (Cash, clothes, food stuff services, etc)
  • Organize or support Fundraising projects for Vessels of Hope.
  • Spread The Word: Present Vessels of Hope to your circle of influence and Network.
  • Volunteer your expertise for Vessels of Hope projects.

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