What if you could be part of a project that makes life for people living under poor conditions worth living? A project that aims to help less privileged people help themselves and in turn provide a practical contribution to the world.

Our Aim & Objective is:

To bring hope to the hopeless, motherless, homeless, help to the people with physical disabilities and encouragement to the lonely, food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, this will be done by providing where necessary, the physical (medical, Nutritional, clothing, educational) needs of those in need of it and emotional support through counseling and personal development programmes for those in need of it.




Hope on the Streets (HOTS):  Rescuing child workers on the roads of Africa, with a present focus on Nigerian cities and providing shelter for the street kids in underprivileged nations of the world especially Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and southern America.

Water Relief: The availability of clean portable water is a growing concern in certain regions of the world.  As a result widespread diseases are marks of these regions.  It is an aim of Vessels of Hope to supply clean waters by sponsoring projects to enable the availability of clean and fresh water especially to the rural areas.

Feeding Programs:  A weekly feeding program of supplying hot meals to the homeless and hopeless will be provided.

You may well ask, what is your role in this ambitious project? You can either support us with funds or with old clothes and shoes that you no longer need.  If you wish, you can also volunteer as a fieldworker, accompanying our field trips to the distribution points in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America and see for yourself how we work and how great the need is.

It is important for us to work together with you as a team and to inform you as a sponsor on a regular basis how the donations are used.

Are you tired of focusing inwards only and need an outlet to bring hope and add value to a less privileged person in the world?  A little donation from you will make an incredible change in someone’s life.  Please contact us today to register your interest and for more information.

Be a vessel!!!  Be a volunteer.  Please Join us to make the difference in someone’s life.

We need you!

If you want to join our team of volunteers, please call +234 (0) 90 8084 1797, +234 (0) 80 9999 5832 or email: info@vvesselsofhope.ch

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