We Support Dabade


Dabade is from a village called Devgaon, both mother and son are strong believers but his father is idol worshipper. He is very active boy and He loves the Lord. His friends in the village oppose him for attending prayer meetings but he and his mother always open their house for the prayer meeting. His parents are laborers and they can’t help him much for his study, therefore we support him as God provides. He needs your prayer and support.

Dabade 13th March 2016

Ashabai is a believer in Christ


Ashabai is from dalit family and she is widow; she washes vessels in other houses and feeds her kids. Her kids do not go to school. She is a believer in Christ. We want to help these kids for their education, we want provide food, shelter and education.

Ashabai 13th March 2016

Only Christian in Golwadi


Padma Sable lost her husband few years ago. She is living with her son named Sachin. She is the only Christian in this village called Golwadi. She was miserable, helpless and hopeless after the death of her husband. She lost two kids in a month time but she kept her faith in Jesus and remained faithful to the Lord. The villagers abused, accused, and threatened her to leave the village but she is strong follower of Jesus Christ. Sachin is studying in 6th grade. He is very active boy and wants to serve the Lord in his own village. We want to help Sachin to become a useful instrument for the glory of God in this village. We support him and his mother and He needs your continuous financial support and prayer for his entire study.

Padma Sable 13th March 2016

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Pooja stays with us


Pooja is also from a village called Dabadi, in Maharastra state, her father is a drunkard and he does not care for his children. Mother is washing dishes and clothes in other houses and earn some money to live but she can’t afford good education, so she stays with us and we provide her needs and education as God provides. She is preparing for college and she also needs your support and prayers.

Pooja 13th March 2016

Markus Meena stays with us


Markus Meena belongs to a meena tribe in Rajasthan state. His parents are serving the Lord in the villages but could not afford to send him to a good school or college, He stays with us and we feed, shelter and provide for his education. His passion is to go back to his village and help kids receive good education.

Markus Meena 13th March 2016

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