Ruckey Peniel

Ruckey Peniel

Ruckey studied Law in Nigeria and has an LLM International Law from City, University of London. She also has Post graduate certificate in Project Management and Organizational Behaviour from the UK.

She gained valuable experience working for law firms in Nigeria, Germany  and Switzerland. Vessels of Hope and Hope Now were born out of her personal experiences from a broken past and from observing the needs around the world, particularly those affecting children.

She has volunteered in various capacities for various organizations, notable among them are ICF International Zürich, TFOLC and as a board member of TFOGC,GVI and  ANWAB.  A seasoned conference speaker, Ruckey has spoken in conferences in Switzerland, Nigeria, U.S, UK, and Italy.

Having raised a child singly for almost ten years, she has a soft heart, especially for the lost, orphans, hopeless, heart-broken, the oppressed, single parents and homeless. 

She spreads with Passion the unconditional love and  grace of Christ, which also saved her from the darkness of her past. She hopes to be a hope to the hopeless by facilitating education, Food, clothing, water to those in dire Need of it and join forces with others who want to make a difference in the prevailing needs in Africa and the world.

Hope Now TV show and Conferences is the platform she uses for direct intervention of the issues facing relationships in our time and to also raise support for the projects of Vessels of Hope.